About Rebekah - Rebekah-Meredith-Photography

I'm deeply moved by expressions of love & joy

I'm motivated by a desire to spread it, 

and a camera is my tool of choice.  

My photographic style is clean and timeless.  I love to capture clients looking their best and feeling even better.  I feel honored to be invited into so many private events to document the sweet moments that make up a lifetime.  

When I'm not behind a camera, I love to goof around with my hubby Omar and our huge (really really huge) family :)  I like drive-in movies, sushi, and extra sour gummy worms.  I own two colors of lipstick (red and red-er), but only wear them on the weekends.   I'm generally older than most people would guess - and I'm crossing my fingers that's a phenomenon that lasts! :)

Clients who like to work with me tend to be somewhat easy going and suuuuper in love.  They value the effort it takes to capture genuine moments in an artful and creative way and enjoy collaboration.  Some of them are camera shy at first, but warm up to my flexible go-with-the-flow style.  They know I've got their back and want them to look just as awesome as they feel.        

B.A. Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, University of Redlands

M.F.A Documentary Film, Stanford University

Rebekah Meredith Photography is featured on many blogs and websites including:

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What other people are saying about REBEKAH MEREDITH PHOTOGRAPHY...

"Rebekah, I can not express in words the feelings I just had looking at the pictures you took at the baby shower but I will try.  Those that were there and read my blog know the strong emotion behind having [my baby] , but Rebekah, what you were able to do with these pictures was capture those emotions and freeze them in time!  My children and grandchildren will not only know but now see the love, the ultimate pure love that everyone in that room shared that day with my little family.  I am just so overwhelmed with joy.  What you do is so much more than taking pictures it is concreting memories."  

-- Monique 

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